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Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Concord Technosoft Private Limited to abide by the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988. Apart from our legal and ethical assurance to compliance with the law, we respect the professional relationship with the clients and other people to provide desired privacy.

Concord Technosoft Private Limited secures every kind of personal information, entirely for the purpose of serving the best to the clients or any other individual to whom it has a commitment:

  • Information of different kinds about the clients provided by those clients.
  • Information of different kinds about the people with whom our clients deal, collected from the clients.
  • Information about personal attributes, mode of communication of employees or other representatives with whom our company or the clients deal, collected incidentally in the course of dealing with the parties.
  • Information disclosed by the individual users of Concord Technosoft Private Limited's technology systems collected in the ordinary courses.
  • The information is ruined when it is no longer useful.

Concord Technosoft Private Limited only uses the above kinds of details for the pertinent client's needs or its internal professional or business needs which comprise meeting its statutory and contractual compulsions, assess persons compliance with law, card scheme rules, firm policy and contracts, making payments and of course communicating with the person concerned. We only reveal the above kinds of details in accordance with client's requirements, as required by law or in a few cases for contractors or advisers in the course of the act of their duties but subject to correspondent privacy commitments. It is believable in an excessive situation, but not anticipated, that such information could be unveiled if it is both important for the individual and is allowable under federal privacy law.

The personal information provided by the client is not used or unveiled. We maintain accurate records by maintaining the personal details of the individual. Concord Technosoft Private Limited allows an individual get accessed to personal information about himself/herself. It can correct these informations which is not correct, completed or not up-to-date. If any information is received, then it is retained within the company. This privacy policy is also the policy of each and every employee in Concord Technosoft Private Limited for all purposes not connected with his or her personal, family or household affairs.

Concord Technosoft Private Limited reserves the right to change/amend this privacy statement at any point of time. Customers must have to verify privacy statement on the website at times to remain alert of any amendments that may be made from time to time.