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Terms of User and Payment Policy

Concord Technosoft Private Limited believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a considerate cancellation and Refund policy:

  1. Refunds must be requested by sending an email to [email protected] to be eligible for consideration. Requests received by any other method including direct email to a staff member or forum private message cannot be considered or processed.
  2. Concord Technosoft also respects a decision made by a client to works with a different provider within 72 hours of the project initiation. In such a scenario, Concord Technosoft would refund the amount for the project that has been paid till date.
  3. Concord Technosoft undertakes all projects under the purview of Milestones that dictate the direction / road-map followed by the project. Since Concord Technosoft and the Clientele realize that there is work involved in achieving every milestone of the project and completion of every module, a refund would not be possible for the work already completed.
  4. All Web Development / Applications Development are carried out and accepted upon a complete analysis and creation of a NDA/complete scope document, in order to make sure that teams have complete understanding of the work needed to be done, elimination possibilities of a project cancellation / reversal / dispute.
  5. For Web Design based projects: Refunds are available in the event of:
    • Within 72 hours of Payment.
    • We didn't start your project at all or we're unable to start soon.
  6. Monthly Internet Services (SEO, SMO, PPC) plans can also be cancelled by giving seven (7) days notice, but are not eligible for a refund if the digital services have already been rendered.
  7. Concord Technosoft makes sure that in case of a project termination on a mutual basis, the client has control of all the work done till that date and the money, if paid for further development, is returned. Payment given as upfront would not be refunded, if team already have started the work and passed 72 hours timeline.
  8. No cancellations are entertained for those Services that Concord Technosoft marketing team has offered on special occasions. These are limited occasion offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.
  9. Any service purchased that involves direct involvement of staff members such as software installation, upgrade or technical support cannot be refunded. The only exception to this is if the installation or upgrade service was never carried out or the hosting environment does not meet our software requirements.
  10. If the customer is not getting technical assistance response consecutively for more than 10 business days, then the customer is entitled for refund.
  11. Refund is not applicable on domain registration fees and hosting fees.

Payment Terms

  1. Invoices are due within thirty (30) days of receipt or publishing website live/code delivery after which 3 reminder will be sent to the Client. If the invoice has not been settled after 3 days of 3rd reminder then Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd will deactivate website, domains and all email accounts. Reactivation would required extra charges of INR 8500 (USD 100) towards penalty and extra effort involved in the same.
  2. If the invoice has not been settled within 15 days of 3rd reminder then Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd will consider the account to be in default.
  3. Concord Technosoft will not be responsible for keeping any backup after final payment for the project. In case, you need backup after 3 months, 50% of total project cost would be charged towards republishing of project on server depend on the availability of code/files/backup.


  1. If the Client in default has any information or files on Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd's Web space, Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd can, at its discretion, remove all such material from its web space. Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any loss of data incurred due to the removal of the service. Removal of such material does not relieve the Client of the obligation to pay any outstanding charges assessed to the Client's account.
  2. Cheques returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a return charge of INR 8500 (USD 100) and the Client's account will immediately be considered to be in default until full payment is received. Clients with accounts in default agree to pay Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd reasonable expenses, including legal fees and costs for collection by third-party agencies, incurred by Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd in enforcing these Terms and Conditions.