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Our Methodologies

The most important question to answer before starting product development is: Why is this product needed in the marketplace? The answers to this question constitute the business objectives of the product that should drive its entire lifecycle. A software product's development lifecycle is comprised of four facets:

  • Requirements: What features will the product have?
  • Design: How will the product offer these features?
  • Coding: How will the features be coded and unit tested?
  • Testing and delivery: How will the product be tested and delivered to customers?

These four facets are managed by a project plan that determines when the software product will offer the required features.

The Benefits of our Iterative Methodology are the following:

  • Quick feedback loop from business stakeholders to engineering back to business stakeholders.
  • Rapid software product conceptualization and materialization through prototyping.
  • Ability to refine requirements and design, and handle changes in both in the early phases of a product lifecycle.
  • Focus on getting the highest priority features and the highest risk features implemented as fast as possible.
  • Ability to validate pieces of design incrementally, providing continuous analysis and mitigating the risks.

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  • BRIGHTLITE SYSTEMS PTE. LTD.World First! LED Lighting System Installations