Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

Multi-Vendor Edition is the perfect solution for web stores with multiple independent vendors and virtual shopping malls with many separate departments. It incorporates all the features of Multi-Vendor shopping cart provides the multi-vendor functionality allowing different vendors to sell and manage their own products in a common storefront.

Thousands of Built-In Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Features.

Users/Vendors Have Their Own Shop

Your users can create their own shop, and start selling their own products. Website will have a user account area, where your customers can track their orders, keep their products updated, add portfolio shop pictures, control finances, basically anything a modern ecommerce or marketplace website has.

Admin Have Full Control

The admin area, you (as the admin) will have several tools to control every part of your website. Control the posted products, images, quantities, customer details, shop details, memberships, basically everything in your shop.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Your customers can add items/products to their shopping carts and purchase multiple products at a time. And they can even purchase multiple products at a time from multiple vendors in the same checkout order. After completing their shopping basket, they go to checkout and pay for their products.

Private Messages Functionality

Your customers/users can exchange private messages, we have added custom build private messages system. The buyers and sellers can communicate before the sale to ask more details about the products, or after the sale to set the shipping terms.

Facebook Social Login Integration

Application allows you to offer you customers to use their facebook accounts to login to your website, and shop as a regular registered user. You only need a free facebook application in your facebook account and you are ready to go.

Multiple Payment Gateways Supported

Having several ways to pay is a very important thing in a marketplace or eCommerce website. We offers many standard payment gateways: Debit Card/Credit Card & Netbanking facility for Indian stores and PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Moneybookers/Skrill, Payza, iDeal for outside India stores. Other local payment gateways can be integrated on request.

Email Notifications

All actions around the website are backed up by an email notification. We provide a complete admin panel where you can control, edit any email notification message. There are notifications for registered users, posted product, order placed and many others.

Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart – What it really do?

Multi-Vendor shopping cart, designed as online marketplace to enable multiple sellers/vendors to offer their products in one online store. The traditional shopping cart software is built to use with single vendor, which provides limited features to handle with one or more users. But with multi-vendor shopping cart software the webmaster build a complete marketplace like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, where multiple vendors can sell their products on their own. Every merchant assigned with their unique access credentials where they can manage their products, shipping, taxes, invoices and much more preferences. And the webmaster (Called root administrator) takes the profits by getting the commission for every vendor product sold through his marketplace.

Why Concord Technosoft Multi-Vendor Website?

We offer customized development to ensure workability on the following levels:

Usability: We design secure and efficient shopping carts with outstanding funtional efficiency. We understand the importance of having an online shopping cart that is easy to operate and is user-friendly. We develop shopping carts with special attention on administration, transactional efficiency, usability and design.

Management: Update your product details, prices and catalogues quickly and easily. Managing shopping carts developed by us is so easy, even your non-technical employees can handle it.

Instant Solutions: Our team of experienced and qualified shopping cart developers offers you the best ecommerce shopping cart solutions based on your specific requirements. Fast development, quality management and results you can measure…that’s Concord Technosoft for you!

Every day, more and more people are getting into the habit of shopping online. We help you create an impressive presence by creating websites that work smoothly and converts visitors into customers. With our shopping cart development services, you get customized solutions to tap your target audience.